A bird in a tree.

Right now in the moment I am in the school and have a english lesson. Thats why I write in English but I don't write now becuase I wrote it yesterday so the blog doesn't stands still for the whole day. After this class I have lunch and then 2 lessons more before it is weekend. I think it's gonna be so magnificent! On Saturday i'm going to have a little dinner for some of my friends. It's going to be relly funny. Now i have to go. Bye, see you later!

Postat av: emma

Hej! Nu har jag börjat blogga på nytt, på friman.blogg.se. Hoppas du kikar in och gillar den.Kram Emma

2013-03-16 @ 09:49:37
URL: http://friman.blogg.se

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